Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I’ve blogged before about the wonderful work IAAM (Buckle Me Up) are doing in raising awareness for autoimmune forms of arthritis. Well, as of 7th May IAAM is officially the first 501c3 nonprofit organisation, solely benefiting autoimmune arthritis!

You can check out IAAM’s website, including new initiatives like The Awareness Hotline and Wellness pages, here:

Also, if you’re an artist (or in any way artistically inclined) and have any form of autoimmune arthritis, IAAMs first fundraiser is going to be an online art auction in July of art and crafts made by the hands of those with autoimmune arthritis. You can see more details on the home page, or email tiffany@IAAMovement.org for more information.
If you’re not so artistically inclined, but would still like to help with this fundraiser, do check out the page and maybe place a bid on some of the pieces once it’s all go.

Final plug – as IAAM are so newly a nonprofit there are a whole load of start up costs needing funding (website, email newsletter service, phone line, mailbox, advertising and PR costs, general office supplies and initial programs) and also organizational costs, such as salaries, program development and finalizing official documentation.)

If you’d like to make a direct donation (remember – they’re tax deductable! and no donation is too small) go to:


or you can mail a check to:
646 S. Barrington Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90049
Note: if donating with check please provide an email address where we can send your tax receipt.

Finally, you may be wondering why the picture. I was talking with my friend Mary about the online art auction. I said I would donate a piece, but I just wasn’t sure what. This wearable picture book came up (don’t worry, I won’t really be donating this!) My sister and I made this for the Wearable Arts Competition last year, and this is a picture of me and Mary wearing it. Although I have no plans to try and sell this in an auction, we decided it really was quite an apt image. Having autoimmune arthritis can feeling like you’re carrying a huge burden (a giant wearable castle perhaps?) but you don’t have to be in the castle alone. Having an organization like IAAM can help carry the load…

All right, I’ll leave you with that rather tenuous metaphor and the request that you really do check out the website and make a donation.

:-) Little Miss Autoimmune

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