Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Childhood Asthma Returns

Unfortunately, it’s time to add another Little Miss character into the mix. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, back when I first started this blog I made Little Miss/Mr characters for each of my autoimmune disorders. 

Mainly this was just an excuse to play with paint. Behind it though, was the idea that if I was able to find humour in something as bleak as a list of diseases, I could find humour in just about anything, and if I’m laughing, I cope better. Simple as that.

Today, I went back on asthma medication.
I had asthma very badly when I was a child, but I’ve been symptom free for over ten years. So much so, that when I was searching for an inhaler over the weekend, I couldn’t find one that hadn’t expired in 2002! A trip to the doctor today confirmed it is indeed my asthma returning. I left with non-expired reliever and preventer inhalers, and, after a discussion about the difficulties of using inhalers with bung hands, a spacer.

Now, seeing as asthma is an autoimmune disease, I bring you Little Miss Asthma:

Last year, when I got the diagnosis of SLE, I wasn’t feeling particularly in the mood for humour. In fact, I wasn’t really in the mood for much other than lying on the couch feeling sorry for myself. Subsequently, a Little Mr Lupus character did not get created.

Here he is now though. He has a hat. He’s jaunty.

Thanks for reading
Little Miss Autoimmune.

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