Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Hippos Have Been Fed

It's a bit of a good news bad news sandwich today:

Good News: My waiting game/hungry hungry hippos playing is over. My cortisol level came back slightly elevated, rather than low, so we can rule out Addison's Disease. My electrolytes and blood pressure are still low, but my GP says that it's unlikely to be anything too serious causing it.

Bad News: I have a rather yucky respiratory infection, which has made my asthma flare, and I feel like there is a giant cat sitting on my chest, squishing my lungs. I can't take normal cough syrup, and my blue inhaler makes my muscle spasms really, really bad.

Good News: My GP is awesome. I have a treatment plan that seems to be helping, and I found some gluten-free liquorice, and Irish Moss cough syrup, both of which taste really good. Plus my couch is comfy, and my teddy bear is pretty good company.

All in all, the bad stuff will pass, and I'm so relieved about the Addison's Disease, I can't be too unhappy about the infection. Just imagine me doing the most sedentary happy dance ever :-) 

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