Monday, September 3, 2012

Paying it forward (with ninja baking!)

Quite a while ago, I posted about the random acts of kindness members of the public had shown me. I'm a big believer in paying it forward, but I'm not always sure of how to go about it.

Recently, I read about The Sisterhood when a friend posted the link on facebook. After reading about the ways other women in New Zealand were joining together to commit random acts of kindness, I decided I wanted to be a part of it.

This weekend, one of my friends and I (along with many other women around the country) took part in some ninja baking. I can't say we were the most stealthy of ninjas - Molly Stick isn't exactly built for it, and the sheet of paper with directions on kept escaping in the wind meaning mad dashes chasing after it. The mad dashes were of course made by my friend, not me - Molly Stick isn't really built for that either!

Even with our less than stealthy ninja-ing, at the end of the day we had delivered brownies and cupcakes to the mail boxes/doorsteps of three deserving women, who had been nominated by their friends. We don't know these women, though I did find out later that the two women I had nominated had also received baking from another ninja baker. (Yay!)

This was a great experience to be a part of. If you're in New Zealand, please check out The Sisterhood page and consider taking part in the next random kindness adventure.

:-) Little Miss Autoimmune

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